Rewrites: When They Are Necessary – Spin Rewriter

It can be hard to admit that an article may need to be rewritten. You are proud of your work and it stands up to scrutiny in your own language or familiar market. You’ve crafted it, shaped it, made certain it meets standards and gets your message out. It’s perfect; it’s your baby and like any proud parent, you don’t like to admit it may have a flaw.

It is perfect and it fits your niche well, but what if you change the niche? Will it still be perfect?

What if you change the language? Is it perfect then? What if it is published in another country? Will it meet all spin rewriter standards?

These are the situations that call for a rewrite of some sort. While an article or series, or perhaps even an eBook may be perfectly suited for publication in the USA or Canada, it may need to be tweaked a bit to be ready for another market such as another country.

A less dramatic but also common need for a rewrite of a piece would be multiple submissions. If you submit your work to more than one directory, it may need to be reworked. Submission guidelines do vary, and there are differing standards. Some call for completely original articles so an article must be altered significantly before it can be submitted.

Your article may have started life as a blog post. While the style may be perfect for that, in order to be published in an online directory you most likely will have to adjust the style somewhat. Most blogs are speaking to a familiar audience, one that is almost like writing a letter to family. A more polished version is needed in order to expand the readership.

Another problem is if you are doing rewrites for a third party. Their article may have been originally written in Hindi or in French. They have had it translated, but now there are syntax or tense issues that need to be corrected. This problem most often comes up when you are freelancing or doing commission work through a writing service.

The requirements may cultural, legal, linguistic or a combination of all three, but if you want to open up another market for your products or services, you need to adjust the way your piece functions. That means the dreaded rewrite comes into play.

Don’t take it personally. Think of it as an opportunity to fine-tune the words you have chosen. It is an excellent chance to show your versatility with language and the command you have of your subject. A rewrite can be the perfect opening into a new market, a new audience or simply an experiment in handling the words that get the message across. Use it to your advantage and be happy.